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Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 14, 2015
Please pray I don't loose my business I hired a couple of felons. They really needed a job. The state I'd looking throug my employer records bi promise I wont hire another felon. Please pray this is draining. I have 25 employees that could loose there job. Pray God will have mercy on me. Please I don't want to loose my busines. I have a lot of citations but pray they have mercy on me. I am also being investigated by the attorney General for some hospital days that was accident my billed. I have air of days I didn't bill for I was havi v so many billing issuef. I was a accident. Nease pray I don't loose my businesd and the state will see there was days I didn't bill for it was a honest mistake
sonny c. Post
June 9, 2015
pray for the train strike and tram strike in adelaide. pray for mum's depot on 24/6/2015 and for her community treatment order in october. pray for the allocation of her key worker next month and also for my lease extension that I will not move from where I am living. pray that mum's professor will not ask us to come to India and also that God will strip us of all provision in India. pray that I will seek God and believe in him for things. pray that if the train strikes and tram strikes go ahead in adelaide that they will not disrupt anyone. pray for the weekend with mum this weekend and also pray for me vacuuming the house and also pray for her schizophrenia that it will not get out of control and that she will not become psychotic. pray that she will not be made a voluntary patient by mental health.
Phyllis J. Post
June 8, 2015
Please pray for the Reese Family in Maryland. Especially pray for Toni who is in the hospital and critically ill. We the friends and family know that God is a healer is able to do anything exceedingly and abudantly. So Lord, we ask for favor and healing for Toni Reese and we ask for strength and peace to the family while we await her recovery. Praise Be God
P James
marsha l. Post
May 27, 2015
Lord please help me you said if I asked I should recive, my heart is broken
Nicole M. Post
February 6, 2012
Please pray for my thyroid biopsy test results to come back benign. Please also pray for my husband and I to become parents soon through adoption. Thank you and God Bless!
Edwina J. Post
January 29, 2012
Please pray for me for a healing for high blood pressure. I have had elevated blood pressure for over 10 years and now I was diagnosed with diabetes and is taking insulin shouts. Both my pressure and diabetes still go hay wild from time to time and it takes two to three weeks to get it under control. The doctors can't seem to find the cause or cure. Please pray for me, it is really taking a toll on me now. I am thankful for each day that the Lord allows me to see because I know a lot of times, I have been stroke level and I am thankful to God for keeping me in his care.
mary t. Post
January 27, 2012
my son was born 3months early on january 19,2012 but his due date was april 22,2012...weighing 1lb n 14oz....he is located at central methodist and they have gave up on my son tryin to tell me that he is brain dead but i kno dats not true n i have faith that my son can make it out of this situation n all im askin for is a little support and my prayers with my son...
Ruth D. Post
January 10, 2012
Please pray that I have favor with the big boss at Kmart so I can work there and please pray that the sales increase dramatically at Kmart at 21st&MIngo in Tulsa,OK. Please pray for me my moms arthritis and high blood presure to be healed. Please pray for to stop asking for reassurance as this is a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. We also need backup prayers combatting witchcraft coming from acquaintances. Thanks for your prayers and be blessed.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 25, 2011

Please pray that my so, Aron, will be able to buy a house for his family. Let no weapons be formed against him prosper.
Emma Ruth R. Post
December 13, 2011
I've been called the official Jezebel by the voices in my mind who claim to be church leaders. They've been accusing me of casting spells on people but I've never even read a spellbook all my life. I've been trying to cast out Satan, Jezebel and the false prophet out of my life and out of the people in my mind. I've been taking meds for this "psychosis" to no avail. Please I need prayers.
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